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I’ve landed!

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After much lurking in Forester, Outback and even Solterra forums (we even had a deposit on one) this 2024 Impreza RS seems like the “just right” new vehicle for us. Test drove everything and even though the kick in the pants thrust of the Outback XT is impressive the wonky all or nothing throttle behavior and just OK handling didn’t impress. What really sealed the deal was renting a ‘23 Forester Wilderness for a week last month in New England which was my first real foray into the NA 2.5, CVT and EyeSight. I found the drivetrain smooth and decently powerful, the paddle shifters and driving modes worked as expected and was super impressed with the adaptive cc and headlights. And while its ride and handling were very good for the type of vehicle it was the limitations of a raised CUV on sharp corners was noticeable. I’m looking for a Sportwagon - own an ‘02 bugeyes WRX for 22 years - and since those really don’t exist anymore this sporty hatchback seems like the ticket. The super stiff chassis, upgraded drivetrain, steering, suspension, AWD and coming in 500 lbs lighter than the Forester looks like a winning combination. Will definitely be ordering one this month

For prospective owners who are information geeks like myself you can download all the manuals for the 2024 Impreza at the Subaru Technical Information site https://techinfo.subaru.com/stis/#/online_reference
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Welcome to the forum @Tpolerex.

How else are you planning to spec your Impreza?
Thanks! Definitely the Package 33 moonroof/power driver’s seat/Harman Kardon, Popular package 2: dimming mirrors/cargo tray/seat back-bumper protectors, roof racks and bike/kayak attachments - we have three friends with cargo carriers I think we can borrow. I’m going to have VIP pricing so, everything at invoice plus a $500 loyalty coupon so I’m loading it up haha. Love that Pure Red with the black accents.
Hey @Tpolerex welcome to the forum! It definitely seems like the Impreza is the right one for you. Are you keeping your bug eye along with the new Impreza?
Hey Boxer_Power, Yes! It is why I am not as “crushed” as other enthusiasts about the lack of turbo or manual options. I’ll still have my very analog, boosted Subie to have fun with and I bet this new chassis on the ‘24 RS will be an equally good if somewhat subdued and more mature driver. We have an ‘06 Tribeca we will be giving to a Niece.

No kids, a small dog, don’t off-road but do hit the snowy mountains and we like good handlers so this vehicle is going to meet our needs 95% of the time. We’ll rent if we need something larger or more camping capable.
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